The 15.2 update for PUBG Battlegrounds is now available: Drones, tactical gear across maps and Details, Rewards

PC & CONSOLE PATCH NOTES – UPDATE 15.2: Tactical Gear is now available in the game thanks to the new update.

The 15.2 update for PUBG Battlegrounds is now available: Drones, tactical gear across maps and Details, Rewards
PUBG Battlegrounds is Now Free-to-Play with the Update 15.2

Along with making PUBG: Battlegrounds free to play on consoles and PC, the developers have also released Update 15.2. Tactical Gear, new Tutorials, Action Queuing, and more are among the fascinating new features included in the new release.

PUBG: Battlegrounds will go free-to-play on January 12th, 2022, according to Krafton, who announced it at the end of last year. The game is now available for free on PC and console, and players can jump right into Update 15.2 to see all of the new content.

Legacy gamers who purchased a copy of the game will be fully rewarded throughout this changeover, according to the developers. The PUBG Special Commemorative Pack, which contains an automatic upgrade to Battlegrounds Plus as well as a few cosmetic items, will be given to Legacy players.

PUBG Update 15.2 is Now Live, Patch Notes

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Tactical Gear

Tactical Gear is a new category of in-game goods in PUBG: battlegrounds that will give players more options for dealing with scenarios. These technological advancements in the game will allow players to gain an advantage over their opponents without resorting to gunplay, providing them with more combat options in the game.

Tactical Gear: Drone

The Drone is a piece of Tactical Equipment that allows players to scout a large area and even take up objects without risking direct confrontation. The Drone will spawn on every map and has a vast operation radius of 300 meters.

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EMT Gear

The EMT Gear is a tactical item that lets players choose between improved healing potential for themselves and their team at the expense of combat flexibility. Players that don the EMT Gear will be able to interact with injured teammates, allowing them to spend one of their own healing items on them.

Gameplay Improvements

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Improved In-Game Fluidity with Action Queuing 

Players can use the Action Queue feature to queue up their next desired action by pressing and holding the button while performing another action. After the current action completes, the action will begin immediately. If a player holds the firing key/button while reloading, the gun will fire as soon as the reload process is completed.

With new tutorials, new players will have a better onboarding experience.

The developers have added a couple of new tutorials to help new players get started in PUBG: Battlegrounds. Basic Training Mode, for example, allows players to become acquainted with the game's main gameplay features, such as shooting, looting, and movement. Players can acquire a sense of the game's pace by playing against 99 AI-controlled bots in AI Training Match.

After completing Basic Training and AI Training Matches, you can play Lobby Tutorial Missions. Additional game modes and features will be introduced to players through this set of supplemental tutorial missions.

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Visit the official patch notes breakdown, which is linked here, for a complete list of all new changes, including new QOL adjustments in the game.