PUBG New State Mobile Dev Team Confirms iPad Mini 6 Support and iOS Frame Optimization in Next Update

The March update for New State Mobile will bring vehicle nerfs, including Volta.

PUBG New State Mobile Dev Team Confirms iPad Mini 6 Support and iOS Frame Optimization in Next Update
PUBG New State Mobile Dev Team Confirms

The PUBG New State or New State Mobile dev team has revealed that a couple of new features would be added to the game in the next release. The game's next update will feature support for the full-screen aspect ratio of the iPad Mini 6, as well as frame optimization for iOS devices in general.

The update will target more than just iOS devices since it has been reported that PUBG New State developers will handle 'Vehicle Meta' once more. Additional nerfs to accuracy and recoil control while shooting from a moving vehicle are included in these vehicle meta updates.

Despite numerous nerfs to various areas, vehicles have recently gotten extremely dominant in the game. The next update appears to be an attempt to further level things out.

PUBG New State Mobile Update Confirmed Details Include Nerfs for Vehicle Meta

According to the developers, the vehicle meta nerfs are presently in the final stages of testing and will be implemented in the game's March release. A nerf to Volta's acceleration when boosting is among the additional vehicle meta nerfs.

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The Volta's ability to make quick curves while boosting will be reduced, while the overall driving sound volume will be raised. This essentially makes the Volta more difficult to control at high speeds while simultaneously making it very visible, giving it a larger target on the map for hostile players.

More information on the March update, including a preview of the patch notes, will be available soon. Over time, PUBG New State/New State Mobile has continuously added new features, functionality, and regular balancing tweaks, and has grown into quite the game. The present vehicle meta may be a little unpleasant, especially for new players, but it's nothing the devs can't fix with a simple, small update.