Pirates Of The Caribbean: Jack Sparrow did 10 things that summed up his personality.

Jack Sparrow has a wild and charismatic attitude, and his actions reflect this in various scenes across the five films.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Jack Sparrow did 10 things that summed up his personality.
Pirates Of The Caribbean 10 Things Jack Sparrow

One of the primary reasons Captain Jack Sparrow is unique is his unmistakable personality. His distinct personality is marked by his unmistakable humor and endearing personality features, which have helped him become the most famous pirate of all time.

Because going down without a fight was never an option for Jack, he ended up making a number of questionable decisions throughout his Pirates of the Caribbean exploits. He does these things because it's just who he is as a person, even though he often makes it up as he goes along.

Attempted (And Failed) To Rescue Gibbs

Despite his tendency to be selfish, Jack does occasionally look out for the people he loves. This is demonstrated by the numerous occasions he has gone above and beyond to save characters across the five films.

When his devoted first mate is captured, Jack ties up the judge and takes his place in order to reduce Gibbs' punishment and assist him in escaping. This, like so many of his initiatives, does not proceed as planned. However, it wouldn't be a Jack plan if everything went perfectly and without being ludicrous.

He Kissed Elizabeth

Jack and Elizabeth's relationship was never straightforward. There was a lot of discussion regarding whether or not the two should have ended up together, especially after the kiss that had been developing throughout the movie. Elizabeth acknowledges Jack's return and kisses him as the crew prepares to evacuate the ship.

Her main goal, unbeknownst to Jack, was to tie him to the mast so that the rest of the crew could escape unscathed. Will's affections for Elizabeth were known to Jack, but he is known for disregarding other people's feelings, thus it came as no surprise when he kissed her back.

Blackbeard was duped into drinking the chalice without crying.

Jack has demonstrated time and time again that he can easily deceive someone. Because of his complex personality, no one knows whether he is telling the truth or not, which he takes advantage of frequently.

Jack deceives Blackbeard into drinking the chalice that contains no tear, resulting in his death and the rescue of Angelica in the process. Jack showed sentiments for Angelica that he had never had before, so it's no wonder that he chose her over her father to live.

Hid In A Coffin With A Dead Body

Jack has a reputation for going to any length to avoid death. Several inmates are put to death in a particularly horrible manner at the start of Dead Man's Chest. When the bodies are being tossed into the water, Jack manages to get into one of the coffins and escapes.

There isn't much known about this island or how Jack escaped it, but one thing is certain: it would have needed an extensive plan for him to get out of there. Most individuals would refuse to be locked in a casket with a dead body, but Jack Sparrow is an exception.

Stole The Fountain Charts

At the conclusion of At World's End, it was assumed that Jack and Barbossa were officially teammates. That is until Barbossa abandoned Jack and took the Pearl for the second time. A big chunk of the navigational charts for finding the Fountain of Youth is missing when Barbossa opens them.

Jack is usually one step ahead of everyone else, despite his habit of playing the fool. They were finally on the same team, but Jack realized he couldn't totally trust Barbossa, so he stole the charts as insurance in case something went wrong.

Left Everyone To Fight The Kraken

The whole plot of Dead Man's Chest revolves around Jack avoiding the blood debt he owed Davy Jones. So it's no surprise that when the Kraken, a deadly sea monster, attacked the Black Pearl, Jack adhered to his roots and raced even faster.

This was undoubtedly one of Jack's most disappointing moments, considering the Kraken had chosen him to assault in the first place. He did return to the ship, but his decision to depart in the first place encapsulates his impulsive and frequently selfish mentality.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Agreed To Help Will After He Learned His Name

It's no secret that Jack swears by every man for himself, and he frequently agrees to do things only if they would benefit him. When Will asks Jack to assist him in rescuing Elizabeth, he is first hesitant since he does not see the benefit to him.

When Will reveals his surname, Jack reconsiders his position and agrees to assist him. It's unclear how much knowledge Jack had about how to reverse the curse, but he did know that Bootstrap Bill's son would come in handy at some point.

Convinced Barbossa To Fight Norrington

It was never easy to figure out what Jack's genuine motivations were. One of his most endearing personality traits was his ability to persuade others to do exactly what he desired with minimal effort.

When Barbossa was poised to break the curse, Jack persuaded him to delay and battle Norrington's troops instead. He accomplishes this by making it appear as if they are allies, and that not lifting the curse now will benefit Barbossa. Jack realizes he won't be able to combat Barbossa with his full crew present, but if the majority of them go to fight, the problem will be solved.

Tricked Will Into Settling His Debt

Jack made a pact with evil pirate villain Davy Jones 13 years before the events of Dead Man's Chest, promising him his soul. But cunning Jack wasn't going to take it lying down and tried all he could to get out of it, including duping Will into paying his bill for him.

Jack made a brief attempt to reclaim Will, but it was ineffective. When given the choice between saving Will and saving himself, Jack always chooses himself, so it's no surprise that this one turned out the way it did.

Outsmarted Captain Salazar

Armando Salazar, a frightening pirate hunter, was one of the best characters introduced after the first film. Despite the fact that he showed no mercy to his victims, Jack seemed unfazed. Salazar was outsmarted by Jack when he continued to terrorize the seas, believing he had won.

Jack made a point of taunting Salazar before he knew if his strategy would work. Salazar and his crew sailed right into the Devil's Triangle, culminating in a gruesome fate, and Jack had a reputation of outsmarting individuals who felt they had the upper hand.