On PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, Battlefield 2042 will launch with more tanks, as well as other changes from the open beta.

The feedback from the Open Beta has been addressed by DICE.

On PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, Battlefield 2042 will launch with more tanks, as well as other changes from the open beta.
Battlefield 2042 Will Have More Tanks on PC and PS5 and Xbox Series X/S on Launch

Given the delay and the immense amount of enthusiasm that the game has been riding on since its gorgeous announcement trailer, Battlefield 2042's Open Beta was a massive event. Despite being a touch raw around the edges,  DICE's Open Beta was a relatively successful trip, with gamers seeming to appreciate the overall experience and seeing huge potential post-launch.

DICE has responded to a number of concerns in a blog post that explains what players can expect from the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta when it launches. The fact that there will be more tanks on the map for PC and new-gen consoles is one of the most significant changes. DICE has also revealed the final five Specialists who will be included in the game when it launches, bringing the total to 10.

DICE has responded to input from the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta.

In most cases, an Open Beta allows developers to directly solicit feedback from players in order to ensure that the game is ready for launch. Battlefield 2042, as one of the year's most anticipated games, drew a large number of players to the beta, allowing DICE to collect a significant quantity of feedback. Some of these issues will be addressed in the launch build, for example:

  • The quantity of Tanks you'll encounter on Orbital has been increased. On PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5, it's gone from 4 to 8.
  • The movement has been tweaked, with strafe input added to sliding, the ability to vault on moving objects added, and jump spamming reduced.
  • There is now a nearby Grenade Indicator.
  • The duration of entry and exit animations has been reduced, and some have been deleted entirely.
  • Elevators have been improved so that there are fewer strange door behaviours.


Finally, DICE has revealed five new Specialists who will significantly alter the game's gameplay. Specialists are operatives who have a distinct Specialty and Trait, which is an enhancement over the old Battlefield system. Individual players are effectively empowered by the Specialist system to have a greater impact on the game as a whole.

DICE has responded to complaints that Specialists were unwittingly negatively impacting teamwork. Improvements to the UI, identification of friendly and enemy players, and in-game team communication, all of which were missing in the Open Beta, have been made by the developers.