iPhone 14 'pill' notch concept has emerged – and We Love it!

The iPhone 14 is rumored to have a much smaller notch – here's how and what it could look like.

iPhone 14 'pill' notch concept has emerged – and We Love it!
Apple iPhone 14 pill

Apple's iPhone 14 is getting closer and closer, and today we have an excellent mockup of the rumored "pill" notch on Twitter from developer @Jeffrey903.

While Apple made the notch smaller and deeper for the iPhone 13, some users still dislike it and would prefer something similar to high-end Huawei and Samsung devices, where the notch occupies only a small portion of the screen.

Seeing what that would look like became much easier today, thanks to this fantastic mock-up, and I'm now completely excited about the iPhone 14.

Grossman created the mockup by holding his iPhone upside down and adding the notch to the bottom of the screen, according to him. The effect is very clear, and we have to say that if this is the iPhone 14, Apple has outdone themselves.

Of course, there are still some unanswered questions about this design. Apple is known for sticking to its guns, so we could see an iPhone 14 notch that shrinks laterally but remains attached to the top of the screen. (Imagine if the "pill" above was connected to the device's top.)

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To be honest, not much at this point. Apple is still more than a half-year away from announcing the iPhone 14, and the rumor mill is still churning.

However, we can make a few educated guesses: better cameras, possibly with a less obtrusive (ie, flatter) design alongside a larger battery, iOS 16, ProMotion 120Hz displays on all models, and – hopefully! – USB-C.

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