How to Make Your Laptop Keyboard Light Up

Make Your Laptop Keyboard Light Up

How to Make Your Laptop Keyboard Light Up
How to Make Your Laptop Keyboard Light Up

Do you require the ability to see your keyboard in the dark? Turn on the backlight on your Windows or Mac computer. If supported, you can turn on the light with a keyboard shortcut, a built-in app, or a dedicated app for your keyboard. We'll walk you through your options.

How to Turn On Your Windows Keyboard Light

To turn on your keyboard's backlight on Windows, use a keyboard key or the built-in Mobility Center app. Here are two options for you.

Use a Keyboard Shortcut

The key you press to activate your keyboard's backlight is determined by the manufacturer of your device. The most commonly used keys, however, are F5, F9, and F11. If pressing these keys does not illuminate your keyboard, press and hold the Fn key before pressing those keys.

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To activate your keyboard's backlight, use the manufacturer-specific keys. Here's a list of a few of them:

  • Asus: Press the F7 or Fn+F7 keys. If that doesn’t work, try F4 or Fn+F4. On gaming models, use the Fn+Up Arrow key.
  • HP: Press the F5 or Fn+F5 keys.
  • Lenovo: Press the Fn+Spacebar.
  • Dell: Press F10, Fn+F10, Fn+F6, Fn+F5, or Fn+Right Arrow keys.
  • MSI: Use the dedicated backlit button on your keyboard or utilize the SteelSeries Engine or MSI Center software.
  • Samsung: Press the Fn+F9 keys. If that doesn’t work, install the Samsung Settings app on your machine.

Use Windows Mobility Center

Use the Windows Mobility Center app to activate your keyboard's backlight in a graphical manner. You can get to it by pressing Windows+X and then choosing the app from the list.

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Drag the slider to the right in the "Keyboard Brightness" section of the "Windows Mobility Center" window. This will turn on the backlight on your keyboard.

If you don't see the "Keyboard Brightness" section, your keyboard most likely does not support it. In this case, you can check your keyboard manufacturer's app (if it has one) to see if you can turn on the backlight.

How to Turn On Light on Your Mac Keyboard

On a supported Mac, you have three options for turning on your keyboard's backlight.

One method is to use your keyboard's dedicated increase brightness key.

Another option is to open Control Center, navigate to "Keyboard Brightness," and drag the slider to the right.

If your Mac has a Touch Bar, press the increase brightness button in the expanded Control Strip to light up your keyboard.

Furthermore, your Mac has an intelligent feature that can automatically adjust the backlight on your keyboard. To enable it, head into Apple Menu > System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard and toggle on the "Adjust Keyboard Brightness in Low Light" option.

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Use the "Turn Keyboard Backlight Off After [Time Period] of Inactivity" option to have your keyboard backlight turn off after a certain amount of inactivity.

Now that your keyboard's light is on, you can see the keys even in the dark. Enjoy your typing!