Fortnite is Teasing Its Next Collaboration FORTNITE

Fortnite is known as the "kitchen sink" of video games, which means it welcomes any crossover open to opportunity.

Fortnite is Teasing Its Next Collaboration FORTNITE
Fortnite is Teasing

Fortnite is known as the "kitchen sink" of video games, which means it welcomes any crossover open to opportunity. The Fortnite collaboration isn't just limited to Marvel and DC Comics properties but includes Borderlands, Ghostbusters, PlayStation, Xbox, FIFA, NBA, NFL, Twitch streamers, and many more. Now Fortnite is teasing its next collaboration and it could be one of the most exclusive and new partnerships yet.

The Epic Games teaser was shared via Mid-Day's official Fortnite Twitter account on Thursday. The tweet contains an image, which includes a few different interesting elements. First, there is a mystical symbol resembling an imaginary race. Second, there's a quote that reads, "You are what they call a survivor; those marks on your arms give you away.

You're a troublemaker." Finally, there's a Fortnite logo, which makes it clear that this is a Fortnite collaboration in the works. Allied Companion isn't explicitly revealed, but Allied fans relatively quickly became emblematic and Quotes will recognize both.

The symbol represents the aromantic metal of iron and the quote is taken from author Brandon Sanderson's book Mistborn: The Final Empire. It is the first book in the Mistborn trilogy, Sanderson's best-known work, and a project currently in preparation for a film adaptation.

In the Mistborn books, the Allomancers are able to "burn" certain metals which give them magical powers. The power of iron, for example, allows metal objects to "pull" either on themselves or on the object being pulled.

A Fortnite collaboration with Sanderson's Mistborn books is a curious and exciting endeavor. Being the prose, there are no real visual aspects of the book to pull off Fortnite straight away. As such, Epic Games will be able to have the fun of creating skins and other crossover cosmetics from Mistborn.

A tasseled cloak is perhaps the most famous sight, although giant blue koalas and inquisitors with metal spikes driven through their eyes may also be options.

What is most exciting, however, is not the opportunity for cosmetics. Instead, a Mistborn collaboration could instead add new magical gameplay elements. Players can use elemental metals to perform incredible feats, whether it's flying, pulling objects toward them, becoming physically stronger, or slowing down and speeding up time.

There are plenty of options available to Epic if it wants to get involved with the Mistborn books.

No time frame has been provided for Fortnite's association with Mistborn. If it's a simple cosmetic partnership, it could break at any time. If it's a major crossover that includes changes to the game, it could coincide with the start of Fortnite's Chapter 2 Season 7, which takes place the week of June 7.

Expect more information in the coming days and weeks.

Fortnite: How to Mindwipe Bunker Jonesy, Swamp Hunter?

Week 8 Discovery has arrived for the current season of Fortnite, offering players a whole new set of challenges in exchange for massive amounts of XP. Few of the island's inhabitants have apparently known or seen much, as one of the players in the tasks of the new quests with Bunker Jonesy, Swamp Stalker, or Human Bill.

Epic Games' permanently popular battle royale title is now in the second half of Season 8's Chapter 2. The Alien Invasion-themed season has seen a growing supernatural presence over the past few weeks with the game's latest updates. Recently, The Aftermath has been adding an ominous countdown timer above Fortnite's central location.

How to Mindwipe Bunker Jonesy, Swamp Hunter, in Fortnite

As mentioned earlier, part of the Week 8 Legendary Quest requires players to erase the memories of one of three NPCs: Bunker Jonesy, Swamp Stalker, or Human Bill. Bunker Johnnies considered the "native" Johnnies of Fortnite, can usually be found at Cliff Cabins, south of Apres Ski Lodge POI, on the southern coast of the island.

Bunker Jonsi is known to lay eggs at various places and may not be there. Fortnite In that case, players can track down swamp hunters or human burrows, both of which are guaranteed to be found in the same spot on Fortnite's map.

Swamp Stalker, as the name suggests, is located near Slurpy Swamp. Players will need to move to a shack on the southern edge of the arena, to the south of Slurpee, to the east of the Io satellite station. Finally, the Human Bill NPC is located in Building 5 of Steamy Stacks, the most northeastern building within the designated space.

Go to the top floor to find them. Once the player contacts one of the three NPCs, all they need to do is interact with them. By selecting the three-dot speech bubble option, the player will pass out and use a mind whipping device similar to the Men in Black's neutralizer, leading to comical dialogue.

Mindwhipping, one of Fortnite's NPCs, is the fifth of Week 8's six-stage legendary quest, which means Fortnite players will need to make sure everyone is there before attempting to brainwash anyone. steps to be completed.

While the game is clearly stepping up its story with the return of the kidnappers and the mysterious countdown timer, Fortnite is also continuing its trend of brand collaboration, adding Ferrari 296 GTB as its latest in-game vehicle. Used to be. Used to be. Used to be. Epic Games is gearing up for more crossovers again, recently sending out a survey for future Fortnite collaborations.

Fortnite players who complete this Fortnite quest will be rewarded with 30,000 XP.  Those who have managed to scour the current list of quests can try to get their hands on the new Plasma Cannon, which could be one of Fortnite's most powerful weapons ever.

Fortnite adds a map based on M. Night Shyamalan's 'Old'

Over the past few seasons in Fortnite, Fortnite has proven itself to be a mecca for unexpected crossovers and collaborations. And from Fortnite's entire Marvel-themed season to God of War's Kratos, to the current Fortnite season's Battle Pass featuring Rick and Morty, Battle Royale is well-established as a video game hub for other brands and IPs. has gone.

However, one of the latest additions to the Fortnite game is unexpected, even for Fortnite - a map based on M. Night Shyamalan's new horror film, Old. The famous The Sixth Sense and Glass director's 2021 film marks his return to the horror genre, for which he became a household name. M. Night Shyamalan's old centerpiece centers around a family vacationing on an exotic beach.

However, before long, they realize that something is aging them rapidly, putting them at risk of aging over the course of just one day.

Fortnite quietly posted news of the new map in Creative Mode on its official website, with the game's social channels yet to publicize it for reasons unknown. While the exact gameplay mechanics of the inspired map hasn't been laid out in the post, it does say that players will need to find resources, craft equipment, find clues, and beat the 30-minute clock to survive on the new game. island.

The new map can be experienced alone or with a total of six players. Players who wish to switch to the new map can do so by first opening Fortnite and selecting Creative Mode, and then selecting the island code and entering 0761-4089-5654.

Alternatively, players can visit a particular island in the Welcome Hub and enter the code from there, where the old map will appear after a short load time. Although it hasn't been confirmed, the details of the old map are very similar to Fortnite's Impossible Escape LTM.

Introduced in the middle of "Primal" Season 6, Impossible Escape had players tracking each other as well as locating missing helicopter parts under the threat of larger enemy AI. While there will likely be significant differences between Impossible Escape and Old Map, the basic premise feels very similar.

It should be noted that technically the map is not created by Epic Games, but by the leading Fortnite creative group TeamUnite. While the crossover between a fairly cartoony and R-rated body horror film seems like an unconventional pairing, Fortnite continues to loop in material from surprising places.

Last week, the game added the Ferrari 296 GTB as its latest vehicle, surprising fans everywhere. With two recent crossovers bringing "real-life" content outside of comics and video games, it seems that Fortnite is as much a major piece of culture as ever.