Das Keyboard 5QS Review

Das Keyboard 5QS is a powerful, versatile, and enjoyable keyboard to use.

Das Keyboard 5QS Review
Das Keyboard 5QS

+High-quality construction

+Premium switches and keys

+Smart notification features

+Multi-platform support

+Offers plenty of customisation


-It'll cost you

-It's large

-Font choice won't appeal to everyone

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With the Das Keyboard 5QS, you know where you stand because it comes from one of the most dependable manufacturers in the industry – and it'll undoubtedly come up in any discussion about the finest mechanical keyboard or the best gaming keyboard you can buy.

This device, like the Das Keyboard 5QS, has a fun feature: the RGB illumination may be utilised as a coded signal to notify you to anything from a bad weather forecast to an overworked CPU. But, when it comes to this keyboard, that's only part of the tale.

In our in-depth Das Keyboard 5QS review, we'll go over everything you need to know about the peripheral to help you determine if it's right for you, including key specifications. We've also written extensively about the other finest keyboards available.

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The Das Keyboard 5QS doesn't stray too far from prior Das Keyboard models' angular, strong design choices, and while we enjoy it, it won't appeal to everyone. It's also worth noticing that, even with the back stands flipped open, this full-size keyboard (number pad and everything) remains pretty flat. It's also a quite large keyboard, measuring 457 mm x 152 mm x 36 mm, with an attached USB-A cable that's a hefty 2 meters in length, giving you plenty of options for placement.

Because of the enormous size, there's room for separate media playback keys and a wide volume dial that may also be used to preview computer notifications. The Das Keyboard 5QS looks and feels like a gadget that will last you a long time, with an anodized black aluminium top panel that adds a touch of sophistication.

The huge Das Keyboard logo imprinted on the underside of the device adds to the luxury appearance - a great detail that most keyboard manufacturers would overlook. From the rubber linings to the feet that keep the device firmly in place while you're using it, to the quiet clicking sound that's just barely noticeable as you turn the volume dial, these details can be found throughout the device. You also receive a magnetically attached wrist rest.

It's as easy as connecting in the USB-A cord to get the keyboard up and running. The Das Keyboard website's free configuration software is very large, but we're glad to find that it's compatible with Mac OS X, Ubuntu, and Windows - something that's not true of many mechanical or gaming keyboards. The default colour profile can then be changed, and smart keyboard actions can be set up, among other things.

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If you want to put the Das Keyboard 5QS to the test, it has patented Gamma Zulu switches that Das Keyboard claims will survive for 100 million presses. They're tactile, so they don't require a full press to register, and we were able to perform some quick typing with this device – and the keyboard was also quite responsive when it came to gaming.

Other features worth noting include full NKRO (n-key rollover) support, which ensures that every key is registered no matter how many you press at once – useful for gaming – and the ability to record and playback macros to save your fingers from repetitive tasks, demonstrating the keyboard's versatility.

As you'd expect from Das Keyboard, the device's per-key RGB illumination is quite remarkable. There's no light bleed here, and the two lighting panels on either side of the keyboard add a splash of colour if you use them. Of course, you have complete control over how all of this lighting is set up, so you can go as quiet and understated or as loud and flamboyant as you like.

The smart capabilities on the keyboard, such as utilising colours on specific keys to display weather conditions, fresh email alerts, CPU load, or whatever else, are all readily managed using the provided software, as we described before. We're not sure how beneficial these smart features are, given the abundance of other ways to receive notifications these days, but they do help the Das Keyboard 5QS stand out.

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If you're looking for a high-quality mechanical keyboard with a variety of RGB lighting effects, the Das Keyboard 5QS has to be one of the best options available. Not every keyboard allows you to create many lighting settings to fit various scenarios, as well as specific profiles for specific programs and games (everything from Photoshop to Counter-Strike is covered).

As previously stated, the smart lighting capabilities assist to set this keyboard apart from the competition, albeit we don't expect many people to use them. The outstanding build quality and Gamma Zulu switches ensure that the keyboard feels amazing and answers to your every touch promptly, so there's nothing to complain about when it comes to the typing and gaming experience.

If you're looking for a mechanical keyboard or a gaming keyboard, we can't think of many reasons why you shouldn't consider the Das Keyboard 5QS. The keyboard's design and low profile may not appeal to everyone, and the font used on the keys is an acquired taste as well. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to hardware designs, and the same is true here.

The Das Keyboard 5QS is also on the pricey side, especially when compared to mechanical keyboards. However, we believe that the device's price is justified given the variety of options and functions it offers, as well as the high quality of the user experience – especially if you plan to use the smart notification capabilities and RGB colour profiles.