BGMI Reaffirms Commitment to Fair Gameplay: Stricter Measures Against Cheating and Cheaters Will Be Introduced

In BGMI, Krafton tries to clean up the streets.

BGMI Reaffirms Commitment to Fair Gameplay: Stricter Measures Against Cheating and Cheaters Will Be Introduced
BGMI Reiterates Commitment to Fair Gameplay

BGMI has been afflicted by a slew of cheaters/hackers using third-party programmes and software to obtain an unfair advantage in games during the last few weeks. This creates an incredibly toxic environment for gamers, since their enjoyment of the game is taken away from them because cheaters are there in every battle.

BGMI/Krafton has been public about its opposition to cheating and hackers in the game, and has been active in banning or suspending accounts that have been proven guilty of cheating or reported for unlawful activities.

Fair Gameplay remains a primary goal for Krafton, and the devs continue to strive on enforcing stronger controls in BGMI. According to the studio's statistics, more than 1.52 million accounts have been permanently sanctioned to date. Despite the studio's efforts, cheating remains a serious issue in BGMI, which is why the studio will take more measures.

Krafton has announced new methods to combat cheating in the BGMI.

1. Revalidation of game data in greater detail for top-ranked users

The top rankings on the leaderboard will be scrutinised on a regular basis, and extensive sweeps will be conducted to detect cheating. Cheating, promotion cheats, and cheat-assisted rank push accounts will be permanently banned.

Even if they haven't cheated in a long time, players who have cheated in the past will now receive a permanent ban.

2. Preventing the promotion of cheaters and cheating software

Krafton will retaliate vehemently if illicit programmes and cheats are sold using in-game profile photographs or unlawful programmes are distributed through promotional films on other websites. The BGMI account, as well as the channel where the cheats were marketed, will be banned as a result of this.

3. Strengthening the Security System

The studio will continue to enhance its ban reasoning by examining people who have been caught using unauthorised programmes. Krafton further encourages and implores the playerbase to continue reporting dubious players and remain watchful in order to promote a safer and more fun environment in BGMI.