BGMI 2.5.0 Update Patch Notes Released: Check Details Here

The BGMI 2.5 update includes a new Nusa map, which is currently the smallest map in the battle royale.

BGMI 2.5.0 Update Patch Notes Released: Check Details Here
BGMI 2.5.0 Update

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has been available for download in India for about a week. The game was unbanned in May on the condition that it follows local regulations and promotes a healthy gaming environment. BGMI has made a number of adjustments to its in-app experience. The developers are also celebrating the revival of India's once-popular battle royale.

Krafton is celebrating its comeback with special in-game events and incentives in order to reclaim its lost glory. The creators have recently published the BGMI 2.5 upgrade, which includes numerous new features. There are also five new outfits added to the game, including a special Stygian Liege X-Suit.

To experience the app's new updates, players must update the app and download the in-game resources. Let's take a closer look at the BGMI 2.5 update for Android and iOS users.

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BGMI 2.5 Update: What’s New?

The BGMI 2.5 update includes a new Nusa map, which is currently the smallest map in the battle royale. New clothes are also included in the update. The game's official Instagram account gave some information regarding the next version.

Starting with the new Nusa map, the 11 map has plenty of room for entertaining features and adventures. The Nusa map, which is based on a distant island in a tropical zone, includes several entertaining components such as ziplines, elevators, and so on. Ziplines allow players to traverse fast across the island. There is also a new Tactical Crossbow that can restore the zipline with a loop and set select houses on fire with fire arrows.

Hotel buildings in "New City" also have elevators. There are also zorb balls, a swimming pool, flammable houses, and destructible jars on Nusa. The map is quite small and only supports up to 32 players at once. The Super Recall tool will automatically recall players once. Nusa also receives a special ATV, a two-seater vehicle, to explore the landscape and move quickly even in the most difficult terrain.

Krafton has also implemented support for side baffles for the DP-28 gun, which means that while the player is prone, there will be shields around them to protect them from incoming bullets. The shotgun NS 2000, which was spotted in Livik, is also available in Nusa. Another weapon upgrade in BGMI is for the Machine Gun, which is now more stable even when not scoped in, thanks to support for new attachments.

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Another feature coming to BGMI is Disengage, which allows a knocked-out player to prevent other players from lifting them and traveling to different areas on the map for one minute. Even if the Disengage function is active, team members can still revive a knocked-out teammate.

The new version adds the trajectory line, which shows a player where the grenade or any other throwable will drop, to make throwable weapons more impactful and easier to aim.

BGMI has released a new Stygian Liege X-Suit with silver and red accents. Other outfits added to the app include the Underworld Guardian Set, Badlands Punk Set, Sandstorm Set, and Noble Lineage Set, which may be obtained by completing in-game activities.