Best Portable WiFi 2023 | Best Portable WiFi for International Travel

Don't put a strain on your phone plan—here are some dependable options for keeping your WiFi close at hand.

Best Portable WiFi 2023 | Best Portable WiFi for International Travel
Best Portable WiFi

We live in the "Internet of Things" era, in which nearly every device—from phones to lamps to toothbrushes—has WiFi capabilities, and the interconnected IoT network almost requires you to be always on all the time. This reality is one of the reasons we recommend everyone get one of the best WiFi boosters for their home, as there is a lot more competition for bandwidth in the age of work/school/game/stream from home than there used to be.

But what if you're on the go and the work can't wait? What if you're out and about and really need to stay connected? Don't worry, because you'll be travelling over varied terrain, you won't need to go over your data cap. Best Portable WiFi for International Travel

Rather than using up your cellular data plan or hoping that if you walk around long enough, you'll come across a strong, free WiFi signal, you can bring your WiFi with you. Portable WiFi, also known as mobile WiFi or mobile routers, is exactly what it sounds like: small, easily transportable devices that function similarly to your home WiFi router.

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Instead of being connected to a phone cable, they use a SIM card, which allows the phone to connect to your phone or cable provider in the same way that a hardwired modem would at home. The best portable WiFi device will allow you to set up your own private Internet connection virtually anywhere in the world on at least ten devices at the same time, including phones, laptops, tablets, iPads, gaming consoles, and cameras.

When it comes to portable WiFi devices, you have a lot of options that vary in size, functionality, and connectivity. Selecting the right one will necessitate an assessment of your specific needs, how mobile you intend to be (for example, are you literally hopping from train to station to car, or are you settling down in a cafe), and how fast you require your downloads and uploads. Here's some starting point information. Best Portable WiFi for International Travel

  • Best designed: TP-Link N300 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router
  • Best battery life: RoamWiFi R10
  • Most user-friendly: GlocalMe G4 Pro 4G LTE Mobile HotSpot
  • Best for connection speed: NetGear Mobile WiFi Hotspot
  • Best for Verizon: Verizon Wireless Ellipsis Jetpack MHS900L
  • Best budget: KuWFi 4G LTE

Features to Consider When Shopping for the Best Portable WiFi

When looking for devices to help you be more productive and connected—which is exactly what the best portable WiFi devices are designed to do—easy it's to fall into the trap of something big, complex, and seemingly all-powerful, only to discover that you only need a fraction of its capabilities for your everyday use. Knowing how you work and where your personal pain points are will help you narrow your search and find a device that does exactly what you need it to do. You can narrow down the numerous options and identify the ideal portable companion for all your on-the-go network needs with the right research (which we've gladly done for you). Best Portable WiFi for International Travel

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Do you want something you'll be happy to carry around with you?

It's not a stretch to say that the appearance of a device influences how willing you are to carry it around with you. A clumsy, brick-like device will become a burden, and you will not get as much use out of it as you should. A well-designed device will be user-friendly and convenient in addition to being a cool part of your portable communications system, so it goes beyond aesthetics.

Your search should take into account the device's overall size, functionality, and how easily it will integrate with your other devices. Concentrating on these key aspects will ensure that you get a portable WiFi router that you'll use again and again.

Best designed: TP-Link N300 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router

The TP-Link is small, simple, and attractive, and it can fit in a pocket or knapsack pouch. It has a WiFi speed of 300Mbps on a 2.4GHz band, making it ideal for streaming and online gaming. It works with Chromecast and is powered by a Micro USB port. It appeals to us because it is sleek, secure, and efficient.

Can it provide enough battery life if no power source is available?

The constant battle against the battery's demise is humanity's most significant collective struggle in the modern era. Tiny battery icons taunt us from their top corner perches, slowly bleeding down until their red bars inform you that you should wrap it up, save your data, and hurry to an outlet before all of your work is lost.

Although many portable WiFi devices can be powered by USB, you may find yourself in a situation where WiFi is required but no USB-compatible device is available. Here's how to find a mobile hotspot that will work even if your phone's battery runs out. Best Portable WiFi for International Travel

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Best battery life: RoamWiFi R10

The RoamWiFi R10 can connect to a 4G LTE high-speed network and has a maximum upload speed of 50Mbps and a maximum download speed of 433Mbps. However, its main selling point is that it has a solid 18-hour battery life after a full charge (which is about 3 hours). It's small, about the size of a smartphone, and provides strong, secure connections.

Are you looking for portable WiFi that you can use right away?

The main benefit of portable WiFi is its portability. Whether you need portable WiFi for travel or a strong connection when you're away from your home base unit, you need something you can count on that isn't overly complicated or difficult to manage. Best Portable WiFi for International Travel

Finding a mobile WiFi router that prioritises user interface will ensure that you feel comfortable using it again and again, and that you get the most out of it every time. Look for devices with easily readable screens, simple navigation, and easy access to information.

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Most user-friendly: GlocalMe G4 Pro 4G LTE Mobile HotSpot

The GlocalMe G4 allows you to connect up to ten devices at the same time, but the best part is how simple it is to manage those connections. It manages device usage, tracks battery life, and connects to available signals as easily as using an app, thanks to its smartphone-like user interface. It has its own data plan and package rates, so those who don't want to deal with SIM cards will appreciate this.

How fast do you need your WiFi connection to be?

Perhaps the most compelling reason to purchase a portable WiFi router is that you regularly download or upload files and require the speed and convenience of a strong WiFi signal to do so. A smartphone is fine for emails and texts, but for anything larger or more complex, you must have a fast Internet connection.

It used to be that you had to be hard-wired to process anything larger than a few megabytes, but there are now options that can deliver fast upload and download speeds even when you're on the go. Best Portable WiFi for International Travel

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Best for connection speed: NetGear Mobile WiFi Hotspot

To be honest, NetGear's download speed of 400 Mbps may be faster than what you get on your home desktop. The NetGear is designed to be portable and convenient, with an 11-hour battery life, a colour LCD display, and the ability to connect to up to 15 devices at once.

Are you a Verizon customer looking for portable WiFi?

Depending on where you live, you may have access to a plethora of public WiFi hotspots. While they enable you to connect to WiFi without an Internet provider, they do pose some security risks. If you have a specific cell or internet provider, you can access private WiFi hotspots that provide premium prepaid internet access that is much cheaper and more secure than using mobile data.

Some mobile WiFi devices are designed specifically for one provider, such as if you are a Verizon customer. Connecting to a service you already use can save you a lot of time and help you avoid using insecure, public networks that could expose your data. Best Portable WiFi for International Travel

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Best for Verizon: Verizon Wireless Ellipsis Jetpack MHS900L

The Ellipsis Jetpack is a Verizon portable wifi device that provides a fast 4G LTE connection no matter where you are. It is a pocket-sized device with a simple, basic display that shows battery life and connection strength. It's a little limited in device connectivity (it can only support up to eight), but for most uses, it's reliable and effective.

Best Budget Portable WiFi Device: What You Can Get for Under $50

Portable WiFi devices aren't typically among the most expensive pieces of technology. Even the higher-end devices are usually under $200, so finding the best portable WiFi option on a budget isn't too difficult. Best Portable WiFi for International Travel

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Best budget: KuWFi 4G LTE

The KuWFi costs less than $50 and provides 4G LTE connectivity, low power consumption, and the ability to share up to ten devices. It has a clear, colourful LED screen that displays battery life, connection strength, and other data, and it is compatible with a variety of SIM cards and data storage cards. Best Portable WiFi for International Travel


Q: Can portable WiFi replace my home internet?

Yes, it can, in a nutshell. This could save you money on internet provider packages and contracts, but keep in mind that if you live in a household that is heavy on internet usage (say, a family where a TV is streaming in one room, someone Internet surfing in another, and people playing online games in yet another), it will be difficult to find a mobile router that can handle it all. Best Portable WiFi for International Travel

Q: Do I need a new data plan for portable WiFi?

No, not always. Most portable WiFi devices use SIM cards to provide internet access even if you do not have an internet provider.

Q: Does portable WiFi work without service?

Yes, the purpose of a mobile router is to provide Internet connectivity without relying on your phone's service connection.

A Final Word on Shopping for the Best Portable WiFi

A mobile WiFi router's ease of use and convenience cannot be overstated. Having the ability to connect to the internet at home computer speeds from anywhere in the world opens up a world of new possibilities, whether for remote work or frequent travel. Knowing your own usage patterns as well as the type of work assets you require (are you sharing simple Word Docs or do you need to traffic in heavier images or video?) will help you narrow down your options. Once you've found the ideal balance of portability and dependability, the world is your oyster.