Apple Watch Series 8: The 5 Things I Must See To Convince Me To Upgrade

The Apple Watch Series 7 is a fantastic wristwatch, but the Series 8 has a lot of opportunities for improvement.

Apple Watch Series 8: The 5 Things I Must See To Convince Me To Upgrade
The 5 Things I Must See To Convince Me To Upgrade

The Apple Watch has been around long enough that some things are predictable: the next one will be released in the autumn, will cost the same as the previous model, will feature new bands, and Tim Cook will use the word "amazing" frequently.

With the redesign of the Apple Watch Series 7, it's unclear whether the Apple Watch Series 8 will include any major design modifications, however, a new, tougher version for athletes is planned this year. But that doesn't rule out the possibility of making the Apple Watch Series 7 even better. Here are some of the things I'd want to see this year.


The Apple Watch Series 7 is still quite heavy, and I'm frequently clanging mine against walls and other objects while attempting to affix the dog's strap. The Series 7's stronger glass helps prevent the numerous cracks and scrapes that plagued my previous Apple watches, but it's still a major target. A slimmer body would be difficult to achieve — could the Digital Crown be made smaller without becoming too fiddly? – but it would also make it less of a catastrophe magnet. However, it may obstruct Apple's delivery of the second item on my wish list, which is...


I'm quite dissatisfied with the battery life of my Series 7: I don't use it nearly as much as my Series 6, yet I seldom get through the day without being prompted to recharge the Watch before going tonight. Perhaps it's a software issue, but I'm not getting anywhere to the promised 18 hours, even on days when I don't look at it at all.

According to one rumor/wish list I've seen, the Apple Watch could get a microLED display. Although the technology isn't yet affordable for larger devices, Apple places a lot of emphasis on the display technology it uses in the Apple Watch, so it's likely that the Apple Watch will have microLED before the iPhone. This would solve two concerns at once by reducing power consumption and display thickness.


I really liked the gold aluminium Apple Watch, but it was discontinued in favour of Starlight, a colour that can't determine whether it's pale gold or yellowy silver and ends up being neither. It's a tad beige, and on a gold Milanese Loop band, it looks a little shabby.


For a long time, we've heard about blood glucose, temperature, blood pressure, and even alcohol sensors in the Apple Watch Series 8, however other rumours claim they won't be ready in time. I've recently gone all-in on health tracking, and I'm particularly interested in keeping track of my blood pressure, and I have diabetic pals who would appreciate a less unpleasant approach to measure their blood glucose levels. As a result, we're all praying that the allegations of sensor integration delays are untrue.


This is something we were hoping to see in Season 7. If Apple can fit a Touch ID sensor into the tiny sleep button on my iPad Air, it should be able to do the same on the Apple Watch: having a passcode is OK, but why have numerous screen taps when a single Touch ID press could perform the same thing with far more security?