Best Mechanical Keyboards 2023: The Greatest Keys and Switches For Typing, Best Mechanical Keyboard For Typing

The Best Mechanical Keyboards in 2023: We've gathered all of the top mechanical keyboards into one convenient location.

Best Mechanical Keyboards 2023: The Greatest Keys and Switches For Typing, Best Mechanical Keyboard For Typing
The Greatest Keys and Switches For Typing, Best Mechanical Keyboard For Typing

There is nothing quite like these if you're seeking one of 2023's Best mechanical keyboards. These precision-engineered pieces of hardware will provide you with unrivaled accuracy and responsiveness when it comes to computer input, and they also look pretty attractive.

There's also a mechanical keyboard for everyone. There are a variety of styles and pricing points to choose from, and that's before you get to one of the most important features of any mechanical keyboard: the switches beneath the keys. Choose cautiously because these have an impact on the typing experience's travel, responsiveness, and even noise.

We've covered most of the terrain for you, looking at the essential details of each of the top candidates to bring you a carefully curated list of our best selections, to help you narrow down your search across the many, many mechanical keyboards on the market. There's a decent chance you'll find the best mechanical keyboard for you here.

If you're a player, 91techinfo's best gaming keyboards buying guide is also worth a look, as it's chock-full of mechanical keyboards that are perfect for gaming. 

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The best mechanical keyboard for most people

Keys: 104
Switches: Hybrid Blue
Size: 443 mm x 139 mm x 41 mm
Connection: USB-A
+Proprietary hybrid switches
+Versatile and customizable
-Shared media controls button

While we recommend checking out the other entries on this list, we believe the SteelSeries Apex 5 is the best mechanical keyboard for the majority of people, and it also comes from one of the most reputable names in PC gaming peripherals.

Aside from the hybrid blue switches, which offer quick response and a low travel distance, the keyboard also features a small, configurable LED screen, macro support, and complete RGB illumination, giving you plenty of creative possibilities. The keyboard is composed of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and features 24 key n-key rollovers, so you don't have to worry about missing any of your inputs. 

You get everything packaged up and ready for a very fair price, and you'll have to look very hard to find a better mechanical keyboard in the same price range. If you're still not convinced, the box also includes a trendy magnetic wrist rest. 

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The best premium mechanical keyboard

Keys: 105 (UK), 104 (US)
Switches: Gamma Zulu
Size: 457 mm x 152 mm x 36 mm
Connection: USB-A
+Smart RGB lighting
+Physical volume dial
-On the expensive side

The Das Keyboard 5QS features 100m-cycle mechanical key switches (of the Das Keyboard Gamma Zulu switch variety), full NKRO (n-key rollover) to detect every single keystroke, an anodized aluminum top panel, a physical dial for volume control and other functions, and excellent build quality.

The RGB lighting on the Das Keyboard 5QS, on the other hand, is the true show-stopper. You may not only customize the illumination (there are several presets to choose from), but you can also set up the keys to give you notifications: blue for a rainy weather forecast, for example, or red for a new email. It's a strange feature, but once you get used to it, you'll find it really useful. 

A detachable palm rest, RGB lighting options to complement specific programs and games (like Photoshop or Counter-Strike), and a typing experience that's hard to beat round out the package. It's on the pricey side, but if you're willing to pay for quality, it's well worth considering. 

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The best budget mechanical keyboard

Keys: 105
Switches: Red, Brown or Blue
Size: 455 mm x 143 mm x 36 mm
Connection: USB-A
+Comfortable feel
+Affordable price
-Basic functionality

If you're looking for one of the best mechanical keyboards, you're probably expecting to pay a premium, but the Cooler Master CK352 manages to be both remarkable and reasonable - it's a great option if you want to save money while still obtaining the appearance and feel of a mechanical keyboard.

The Cooler Master CK352 is a full-size keyboard with a number pad, and it comes with red (linear), brown (tactile), or blue (clicky) switches, so you can choose and choose when you purchase it. The keys also come in a two-tone grey and black colour scheme, which we enjoy. 

The top area of the keyboard is coated in sandblasted aluminum, which gives it a more quality feel than you may think. While some of its competitors will have more features for you to play around with, this is a robust mechanical keyboard that will not let you down in games or any other work. Best Mechanical Keyboard For Typing

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The best compact mechanical keyboard

Keys: 62
Switches: Razer Optical
Size: 315 mm x 153 mm x 44 mm
Connection: USB-C
+Very compact size
+Choice of colours
-Too small for some

Not everyone requires a full-size mechanical keyboard; whether you don't have much desk space, or you prefer a keyboard that you can quickly pack into a backpack and carry with you on the go. If that describes you, let us introduce you to the Razer Huntsman Mini, a so-called "60% keyboard" because its overall size is only 60% that of its regular-sized competition.

Aside from the size, this device has everything of the Razer quality you'd expect. The Huntsman Mini's custom-made switches provide a satisfying amount of tactile feedback as well as a classic clicky sound, and you'll have no complaints about responsiveness or overall feel while typing or gaming.

The customizing program is only accessible for Windows, although each key has its own separate RGB illumination. To compensate for the loss of some keys, such as the number pad, the keyboard includes a number of combination shortcuts that you may use instead – and these, too, can be altered if necessary, giving you a unique keyboard layout. Best Mechanical Keyboard For Typing

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The best TenKeyLess mechanical keyboard

Keys: 85
Switches: Titan Linear / Titan Tactile
Size: 360 mm x 133 mm x 34 mm
Connection: USB-A
+Compact and stylish
+Excellent responsiveness
-No macOS software

The Roccat Vulcan TKL mechanical keyboard is a TenKeyLess keyboard, which means it lacks a number pad on the right side. This could be the best mechanical keyboard for you if you don't need those extra keys and want something a little more compact in terms of design factors.

You can select between Titan Switch Linear and Titan Switch Tactile switches, with the former being a little smoother and louder. We also enjoy the physical mute button and volume slider, which you'll definitely reach for all the time. Regardless of any key you press, the Roccat Vulcan TKL provides a high level of responsiveness for gaming and everyday use.

As with all Roccat keyboards, there's a thorough RGB lighting customization program to use, however, it's only available for Windows (as a basic keyboard, this will work with any operating system). It's a superb mechanical keyboard with a small footprint that will complement any arrangement. Best Mechanical Keyboard For Typing

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The best-looking mechanical keyboard

Keys: 105
Switches: Cherry MX Speed
Size: 438 mm x 166 mm x 39 mm
Connection: USB-A
+Stylish, bold aesthetic
+Packed with features
-On the large side

The Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Special Edition is an amazing stunner, which is why we've included it in our round-up of the best mechanical keyboards available right now: it's an incredible stunner (it's also available in black). Apart from its appearance, this keyboard has a lot going for it and comes from a reputable brand.

Consider the dedicated keys for media playing, volume control, user profiles, key brightness, and locking the keyboard to avoid accidental presses, as well as the silver, anodized, brushed aluminum chassis. There's a USB passthrough here, so you can connect another device if you need to, as well as macro recording, and Cherry MX Speed switches guarantee high-speed accuracy and reliability. 

You have a mechanical keyboard that will keep you competitive in games, handle all the computing chores you can throw at it, and turn a few heads at the same time when you add in the lovely RGB lighting that is entirely configurable (if you get many people passing by your desk). Definitely deserving of your attention. Best Mechanical Keyboard For Typing

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When looking for the best mechanical keyboard, you'll come across a lot of references to different types of switches, and it's critical to choose the one that best meets your needs. Linear (a smooth sensation, generally coloured red or black), tactile (like linear but with a small bump halfway through, often coloured brown or clear), and clicky are some of the phrases you'll come across (with a bump but louder as well, often coloured blue or green).

Because tactile and clicky keys don't have to be depressed as far as to register, they frequently allow for speedier typing. Manufacturers are also experimenting with their own types of keys, so you may need to do some extra research – and if no colour or switch type is stated, the mechanical keyboard may be available with a variety of key switches, so you can pick and choose. Best Mechanical Keyboard For Typing

And if you decide that mechanical keyboards aren't for you, we've got plenty of other options for you to consider, including our recommendations for the best ergonomic keyboards and the best keyboards overall.