Best Gaming Keyboards 2023: Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard, Get Better Accuracy and Performance Now

Best Keyboard For Gaming Budget, premium, TKL, 65 percent, mechanical, membrane, and other variants are covered in this list of the Best Gaming Keyboards.

Best Gaming Keyboards 2023: Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard, Get Better Accuracy and Performance Now
Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard, Get Better Accuracy and Performance Now

On a hard level, choosing the best gaming keyboards in 2023 is more difficult than many monster encounters. That's because there are so many great goods out there, whether you're seeking the best mechanical gaming keyboards or stealthy membrane gaming keyboards, that picking just one feels like an e-sport. But, to keep the metaphor going, we can assist you in completing the challenge more quickly: we've done all the legwork so you don't have to.

This article contains the results of months of clicking and clacking: we've compiled a list of the best gaming keyboards, including both wired and wireless options. Because every gamer and every gamer's setup is different, there isn't a one-keyboard-fits-all solution – but we believe we've found the finest gaming keyboards for every type of preference, every type of gaming rig, and, most crucially, every type of budget.

If you only want our top three choices out of all the gaming keyboards on the market today, look no further:

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The Aukey KM-G12 is the greatest cheap gaming keyboard we've tested. This gaming keyboard is simple to set up, with a variety of lighting settings, and keystrokes that are quick and sensitive. It provides a terrific all-around package for the low price it retails at.

Meanwhile, the Razer Huntsman Elite is the best premium gaming keyboard to consider. The main selling point of this board is that it combines optical sensors and mechanical switches to create a whole new switch type called "optomechanical." It's jam-packed with cutting-edge technology and features, making it a must-see top-tier contender.

Finally, the fantastic Das Keyboard X50Q RGB is our top gaming keyboard for most people. This mechanical board has innovative Gamma Zulu switches, a luxurious aluminium design, and powerful RGB lighting options. In our opinion, it is well worth the money.

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The best gaming keyboard for most people

Switch type: Gamma Zulu
Connectivity: USB
Dimensions: 45.7x16.8x3.2cm (18x6.63x1.8 inches)
+Gamma Zulu mechanical key switches
+Premium, aluminium build
+Strong RGB brightness
+Full N-Key Rollover
-Slightly odd font choice
-On the pricey side
-Isn't raised up at much of an angle

The Das Keyboard X50Q RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is, in our opinion, the best pound-for-pound gaming keyboard in the world, with a gorgeous, premium construction, incredibly high-grade Gamma Zulu mechanical switches built by famed Japanese producer Omron, and a raft of high-end premium features.

The design is subtle and elegant (unlike many gaming keyboards), and the metal top plate offers a strong weight and a luxurious sensation to the fingertips.

When you add in a neat gaming mode indicator and the ability to disable Windows buttons, as well as a 2-meter braided cable, a soft touch-covered palm rest, and a built-in control knob, it's easy to understand why the X50 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is our top pick.

A magnificent, superbly designed gaming keyboard that deserves to be at the top of our list of the best gaming keyboards for 2021.

In 91techinfo's extensive Should I Buy the Das Keyboard X50Q RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard? the article, you can learn even more about this gaming keyboard, including whether it is the appropriate purchase for you. guide.

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The best tenkeyless gaming keyboard

Switch type: Roccat optical switches
Connectivity: USB
Dimensions: 36x13.3x3.4cm
+Incredibly responsive
+Beautifully bright RGB lighting
-High-priced compared to other TKL options
-Very loud switches

Because it is tenkeyless, the Roccat Vulcan TKL Pro is a big-time keyboard in a little package. The focus here is on Roccat's optical switches, which detect presses via light beams rather than a mechanical movement. Oh, it still has a pleasant (and very loud) click, but its response times are ridiculously fast.

It results in a keyboard that is quite expensive given that it is missing a number of keys, but it feels like a worthwhile investment — both as a physical thing and in terms of how it performs in games.

The dazzling LEDs inside each key just add to the premium vibe. They're more powerful than the competitors, and you may add to them by having your PC produce a sound, such as a laser blast, whenever a key is pushed. We're not sure we'd endorse it, but hey.

This is well crafted, constructed to last, and provides incredible control. If you're going tenkeyless, the Roccat Vulcan TKL Pro is well worth the money - read our entire Roccat Vulcan TKL Pro review.

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The best premium gaming keyboard

Switch type: Linear Optical Switch (Red)/Clicky Optical Switch (Purple)
Connectivity: USB 2.0
Dimensions: 8.8 x 49.2 x 21cm
+Revolutionary optomechanical switches
+Impressive focus on RGB backlighting
+Mature and minimalist design
+Incredibly fast typing performance
-The keys are very light

When it comes to PC gaming accessories, Razer continues to push the edge, and one of the most recent additions to its keyboard lineup is the Razer Huntsman V2, which is our top choice if money isn't an issue.

The fact that this board boasts an incredible 8K polling rate, which is the highest of any gaming keyboard we've tested, is its main selling feature. As a result, you may expect exceptional speeds and fast answers. Together with their Analog Optical Switches, this keyboard provides an unrivaled level of input speed and latency reduction.

The only true drawback is the price, and using it as a standard board doesn't feel quite right. This is a beast of a peripheral for enthusiastic PC gamers, with a gorgeous array of RGB lights across those hybrid switches and enough tweaking possibilities to keep even the hardest of hardcore players pleased. The greatest premium mechanical gaming keyboard currently available on the market.

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The most customizable TKL gaming keyboard

Switch type: Cherry MX Red or Cherry MX Speed
Connectivity: USB
Dimensions: 36 x 16.4 x 4 cm
+Per-key RGB lighting
+Tournament Switch
+Detachable USB cable
-Expensive to buy
-Day-to-day typing takes getting used to
-Slightly larger than the most compact TKL keyboards

A tenkeyless keyboard is what you should be looking for if you want a more compact form factor. It eliminates the number pad to free up additional workspace. One of the greatest is the Corsair K70 RGB TKL Champion Series.

It's a little bigger than most TKL keyboards, but that's to accommodate the convenient media controls at the top, including the volume roll. The speed of this keyboard, with an 8,000Hz polling rate, is nearly 8 times faster than most other gaming keyboards. Furthermore, the keys are both durable and easy to use, making this keyboard ideal for fast-paced esports.

If you're a big fan of personalization, the Corsair K70 RGB TKL Champion Series is the way to go. It contains a retractable braided cable, as well as up to 20 lighting layers and per-key backlighting for nearly unlimited lighting combinations.

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The best premium 65% form factor wireless keyboard

Dimensions: 34.7 x 17.5 x 5.4 cm
Weight: 1.02 KG
Form factor: 65%
Wireless: Yes, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Wired: Yes, USB-C
Keys: Mechanical (Yellow)
Key caps: Doubleshot ABS
Battery life: 200 hours
+Premium build quality
+Wired and wireless
+Up to 200 hours of battery life
-Very expensive
-Do you need a 65% form factor?

This is a fantastic 65 percent form factor gaming keyboard that practically delivers across the board, as we noted in our thorough Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed review. It boasts a quality aluminum chassis with mechanical switches, three types of connectivity (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB-C), amazing lighting options, and powerful software included.

As a result, if you want a wireless gaming keyboard with a 65 percent form factor, this is the device to get. That is if you can afford it because it comes in at a hefty sum. Given that this is the most costly 65 percent form factor gaming keyboard on the market, we believe you should be quite certain you want (and need) it before placing your order.

Obviously, because it's a Razer product, you'll be in for a treat and a keyboard that will serve you well for years to come, whether you're gaming or working. However, if you're buying this to use at work, you'll want to add the wrist rest, which is an additional charge.

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The best gaming keyboard for RGB lighting brilliance

Switch type: Kailh red linear, brown tactile or blue clicky
Connectivity: USB
Dimensions: 44.5x12.7x3.8cm (17.5x5.5x1.5) inches
+The best RGB lighting in the business
+Super-responsive typing
+Nicely constructed from premium materials
-No custom key mapping
-No wireless option
-On the pricey side

The Whirlwind FX Element is sure to pique your interest if RGB lighting customizations are your top priority in a gaming keyboard. You can customize the illumination down to individual keys and choose from millions of colours, plus there are a variety of movement effects to choose from (like a Matrix mode that pulses green).

Furthermore, some of the effects are tied to some of the most popular games on the market, such as Call of Duty and PUBG. Even if a game isn't directly supported, the Whirlwind FX Element analyses what's on-screen and adjusts the keyboard lighting accordingly. However, all of this is an option; you may simply choose a preset colour or pattern and leave it at that.

Aside from the lighting effects, which are a lot of fun to experiment with, this keyboard shines in almost every other area as well: the Kailh mechanical switches, the brushed aluminum, the solid, braided USB cable... it's a fantastic all-around package that deserves a place on our list of best gaming keyboards.

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The best alternative to the Razer Huntsman Elite

Type: Mechanical wired
Size: Extended
Switches: Cherry MX Blue or Cherry MX Speed Silver
Keycaps: Double-shot PBT
Wrist rest: Detachable faux-leather
+Fantastic build quality
+Premium look and feel
+Excellent RGB lighting and synchronization

The Platinum XT is a premium mechanical gaming keyboard that checks all the boxes. What's the deal with RGB lighting? Check. Aluminum that's fit for an Aircraft-grade? Check. Do you have dedicated media controls? Check. Switches from Cherry MX Speed or Cherry MX Blue? Macro and media keys with their own keys? Yes, of course. But, on top of all of that, there are a few extra touches that make it evident that you're dealing with a high-end product.

The textured space bar, as well as the, double-shot PBT key caps, feel fantastic under your fingertips, and the faux-leather wrist grip is both comfortable and attractive. The iCUE software from Corsair makes customizing the lighting and synchronizing it with compatible peripherals like coolers and fans a breeze, and you can save various profiles for different titles or genres. This isn't a cheap keyboard, but you'll feel like your money was well spent every time you use it.

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The best budget mechanical keyboard

Switch type: Aukey Blue
Connectivity: USB
Dimensions : 43.3x12.6x3.7cm (17.05x4.96x1.46 inches)
+Easy to setup
+The surround light strip is a nice touch
+Responsive keystrokes
-Aukey Blue switches are very loud
-The RGB lights are a little dull

The Aukey KM-G12 is an excellent place to start if you're new to gaming on a mechanical keyboard. It will ease you into it without breaking the wallet at less than $55/£60.

This keyboard seems robust, with an aluminum top plate and a plastic base, albeit the keycaps themselves are a little plasticky, which is to be expected with a budget keyboard. Despite this, the keyboard is snappy and actuates quickly.

The keys can survive 50 million pushes, so you'll get your money's worth. The Aukey KM-G12 has Aukey Blue switches, which produce a loud tactile click that some may find pleasing, but which may bother anyone sitting nearby. There's a separate number pad and flip-out rubber feet so you can position the keyboard anywhere you like.

The RGB lighting on it is extensive, with a strip surrounding the sides of the keyboard as well as within the characters on the keys. There are numerous illumination options to choose from, albeit it appears to be a little duller than other keyboards we've seen.

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Another excellent Roccat gaming keyboard

Switch type: Titan Switch Linear or Titan Switch Tactile
Connectivity: USB-A
Dimensions : 360 mm x 133 mm x 34 mm (14.2 inches x 5.2 inches x 1.3 inches)
+Excellent build quality
+Responsive mechanical switches
-No Mac software

The Roccat Vulcan TKL Pro model ranks higher on this list, but if you're content with mechanical switches that are still premium but not quite so premium, you can save a little money and get the ordinary version instead. It's identical in terms of design and functionality.

You receive a superbly constructed keyboard with your choice of Titan Switch Linear or Titan Switch Tactile mechanical switches, which provide lots of travel and responsiveness. This is a fun keyboard to type on and play games with, and we don't think you'll be dissatisfied with how it looks and feels.

When you factor in the fantastic lighting customization choices (as long as you're on Windows), the physical volume slider, and the keyboard's low profile, it's a winner in almost every category. There's no wireless capability and no numeric keypad, but other than that, this device has almost everything you might want.

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The best wireless gaming keyboard

Switch type: Razer proprietary switches
Connectivity: Wireless (USB dongle)
Dimensions: 45.1x24.8x4.2cm (17.7x9.8x1.7 inches)
+Lag-free wireless connectivity
+Comfortable to use
+Very premium feel
-Some software niggles
-Battery life could be longer

The BlackWidow V3 Pro is a powerful gaming keyboard that doesn't require a wired connection. Razer's unique wireless connection is no slower than a cabled connection, so you get all the benefits of wireless without the drawbacks.

It's a full-size keyboard with media keys and a great multi-function dial, as well as premium-feeling keys, thanks to Razer's switches (which come in 'extra-clicky and loud' or smoother and quieter' versions) and the keycaps themselves, which resist fingerprint smudges – which is more noticeable and satisfying than you might think.

The RGB lighting is controlled by Razer's software, which has proven to be a touch more difficult to use than alternative options. The RGB lighting has a significant impact on battery life: turn it off and you'll get 200 hours of gameplay, but turn it on full blast and you'll only get 13 hours. We had it set to roughly 80% and received about 30 hours of use before needing to charge it.

Our experience with the Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro is detailed in our Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro review, but it basically feels like any other high-end keyboard with the added benefit of wireless ease... And it will come at a heavy price.

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An appealing budget gaming keyboard

Connectivity: USB
Dimensions: 468 mm x 188 mm x 37 mm
+Background lighting
+Very affordable
+Angular metal edging
-No wireless option
-Limited customization
-Not mechanical

Looking for a gaming keyboard that not only looks amazing but also performs well without breaking the bank? The Trust GXT 856 Torac may be precisely what you're looking for: it's inexpensive and won't let you down when it comes to gaming or everyday keyboard tasks.

Of course, at this price point, there are trade-offs: you don't get fancy features like mechanical switches or accompanying software, and while there is some rainbow LED illumination beneath the keys, you can't really customize it (you just get a couple of modes to switch between).

The Torah is nicely designed, with its angular metal edging, and is guaranteed to create an impression on everybody who sees it, even if it lacks a lot of bells and whistles. The typing experience is also decent, with the keyboard registering up to 8 key strokes simultaneously without becoming confused.

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The best budget membrane gaming keyboard

Switch type: Rubber dome
Connectivity: USB
Dimensions: 46.3x16.9x3.3cm (18.2x6.7x1.3 inches)
+Great keyboard feel
+Quiet membrane keys
+Customisable RGB lighting
-Do you want membrane switches?

The Cynosa series from Razer is well-received, and this cheap model is a capable gaming keyboard and a good introduction to gaming keyboards in general. This is a great place to start if you're looking for your first such keyboard.

Because the Cynosa V2 has a modest footprint for a gaming keyboard, it can be used in almost any setup. It has low-profile keys in a membrane design with dedicated media control buttons and per-key backlit RGB illumination, which is controlled by Razer's Synapse software, just like the keyboard macro programming.

The Razer is just as pleasant to type on as it is to game on, and because it's a membrane board, it's extremely quiet no matter how fast you type. Although this is a budget board, it does not feel like one when in use. It has good cable management to keep things tidy, and the Synapse software is simple and effective.

If you decide this is the gaming keyboard for you, make sure you acquire the appropriate version: some online stores sell various versions of the Cynosa with different language layouts.

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The best gaming keyboard for modular customisation

Switch type: Gateron brown switches
Connectivity: USB
Dimensions: 46.3x16.9x3.3cm (18.2x6.7x1.3 inches)
+Fully modular
+Simple software
+Robust design
-No wireless option
-Rather dull status lights
-On the expensive side

The GMMY Gaming Keyboard stands out in this list of the best gaming keyboards because it's totally modular: you can customize it with whichever switches and keycaps you want, and even mix and match different types on the same keyboard. It's also available from Glorious PC Gaming Race in a variety of pre-built configurations and in a range of sizes.

The accompanying software tool gives you control over the RGB lighting, which adds to the personalization options, so it's very much a gaming keyboard that can be whatever you want it to be. It's certainly geared toward hobbyists and tweakers, however, anyone can simply plug it in and get started.

Aside from all of the modular options, the keyboard is well-made and connects through USB. Because typing is quick and sensitive, you should have no trouble sneaking past adversaries or attacking them head-on. It's on the pricey side, but we believe the features outweigh the price.

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A high-end keyboard that feels super-premium

Switch type: Cherry MX Speed/Corsair OPX
Connectivity: 2x USB 2.0
Dimensions: 47x16.6x3.8cm (18.5x6.5x1.5 inches)
+Beautiful build and design
+Dedicated media keys
+Some great extra features
-Very expensive for the features
-Not wireless

Depending on your taste for feel, the Corsair K100 RGB provides Cherry MX or Corsair's proprietary OPX switches, all housed in a sleek tank of a body. The typing action is excellent, as one would anticipate for the price - when combined with the wrist rest and a large number of keys, it's a delight to use.

You get per-key RGB illumination with LED strips around the edge, a wonderful programmable Control Wheel wheel, six programmed macro keys, dedicated media buttons, and a number pad, among other things. It's a complete package.

There is a USB port for power, but you will need to connect it to your computer using two connectors to utilize it. It's a pricey alternative (especially for a wired keyboard in a world where wireless is finally gaining traction), but the results are excellent, as our complete Corsair K100 RGB Mechanical Keyboard review will show.

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An excellent wired or wireless compact option

Switch type: Rubber dome
Connectivity: USB
Dimensions: 46.3x16.9x3.3cm (18.2x6.7x1.3 inches)
+Fantastic typing experience
+Compact form factor
+Plenty of lighting options
-No number pad on this model
-It's going to cost you
-Older micro USB connection

The Logitech G915 TKL is certain to win a lot of fans because to its 88 keys (plus media keys), millions of illumination colour possibilities, a gorgeous slim form factor, a dedicated volume scroll wheel, quick wireless connectivity and optional Bluetooth, and a simple-to-use macro editor.

This 'tenkeyless' version of the equally wonderful Logitech G915 is easier to set on a desk and carry around, but it loses none of the typing experience - which is great, by the way. This keyboard comes with a choice of three mechanical key types, allowing you to tailor it to your needs.

It's a little on the pricey side, and we'd like a few more keyboard shortcut customization options, but these are minor flaws that you shouldn't be concerned about. A great low-latency gaming keyboard that can also be used for normal computing work.

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The first thing to think about when purchasing a gaming keyboard is the switch type.

When looking for the best gaming keyboard, you'll come across a variety of mechanical switches, each of which provides a unique type of feedback - and figuring out which switch is best for you will help you figure out which of these keyboards is right for you.

White Alps or Black Alps are typical switches, with the White Alps being more popular because of their prominent tactility.

The majority, on the other hand, use a Cherry MX switch. These are divided into five colours: black, red, brown, blue, and clear, each with its own particular feel. Much of this is a matter of personal preference, but certain personalities are more suited to specific tasks than others.

Due to the option to change between clicky/non-clicky and linear/non-linear varieties, these keys are very popular among gamers. Most keyboards allow you to swap switches if you don't like the ones you're using, so don't think you'll be trapped with one model for the rest of your life.

For many online gamers, the Cherry MX black is the switch of choice. The black version is 'linear,' which means the keystroke doesn't produce as much clack, lessening feedback when you're slamming the keys in a frenzy.

Don't be hesitant to try out a few different switch types before you buy, since there's almost surely one that's right for you. Some firms are now producing their own switches, which are typically based on existing standards.

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Membrane switches are also available. These work differently than mechanical switches and are often less expensive due to their lack of precision. Mechanical switches, which sit in the middle of the two primary switch types, have also been developed, but they are uncommon.

After you've settled on your switch type, you can consider other factors including form factor (do you want a full-size keyboard or a tenkeyless model? ), connectivity (wired or wireless? ), lighting options (RGB heaven or RGB hell? ), and advanced functions.

Many gamers neglect software when purchasing a gaming keyboard. This is fair given that companion software isn't as palpable as the physical hardware, but effective companion software may truly boost a gaming keyboard experience, and not all manufacturers excel in this area. Make sure you pick a unit with robust software if you want to set up several key mapping profiles or illumination profiles, as well as control things like half-press actuation commands and more.

Finally, while you shouldn't count out gaming keyboards from tiny or new manufacturers, you should conduct your research before making a purchase, as a lack of correct heritage could cost you in the long run. What appears to be a cheap, fast, quiet, mechanical deal from a small company may appear to be a bargain at first glance, but its build quality or long-term durability may be lacking.

Manufacturers such as Roccat, Das Keyboard, Corsair, HyperX, SteelSeries, Logitech, Topre, and Cooler Master have a long history of producing high-quality gaming keyboards, so if you buy from them, you can expect a product that won't break after six months of use. It's not a hard and fast rule, but it's something to consider while making a decision.

This is especially true when shopping for a budget gaming keyboard, as you should aim for a solid, if not feature-packed, model at a reasonable price point, rather than a similarly priced model from no manufacturer that, while appearing to be more feature-packed for the money, will actually let you down within months.

With that in mind, take your time, read through the comparisons we've compiled, consider exactly what you want from your next gaming keyboard, and make sure your money is well spent.

If you're a PC gamer seeking to improve your setup with one of the top gaming keyboards of 2021, you've come to the right place: new models are constantly being released, and prices on existing models are falling.

Gaming keyboards go on sale almost every day of the year, so keep an eye out for any offers you can take advantage of. Along with our top gaming keyboard options, we've listed the greatest online prices.

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Mechanical gaming keyboards are used by professional gamers and esports champions. This is due to the fact that they provide more precise and accurate click performance than membrane boards. Furthermore, pro gamer gaming keyboards usually come with a large number of macro keys, allowing them to save a variety of in-game combinations or action strings.

Of course, the esports player's choice of gaming keyboard will be influenced by the game type they are competing in, as well as their play style and personal preferences. The Razer Blackwidow Chroma TE V2 and Logitech G Pro are two of the most popular boards among FPS pro players.